FUN & EASY GIFTSto make for your pets this hot Christmas.

Cat Christmas gift


• Ice cube tray 

• Can of water-packed tuna

• Approximately ½ cup of water 

• mixing bowl

• Sandwich bag



(1) Mash the tuna in a bowl or your food mixer. Don’t drain the tuna water as it helps with the freezing.

(2)  Add water and mix to a fine paste.

(3) Fill a Ziploc bag with the mix and cut a small hole in one end. Squeeze tuna into ice cube trays and place in the freezer.

(4) When the treats are frozen, you can pop them out and let cats have a taste!

We recommend letting your cats chew these on a tiled floor or a plate, because you don’t want tuna bits all over your house. You can store these in a plastic bag in your freezer for up to six months, so if you make a bunch you’ll have some on hand for hot days!



• Empty 2 litre ice cream tub

• Canned dog food & dog pellets

• About 1 litre of water

• mixing bowl



(1) In a mixing bowl, place half the dog pellets in the water to swell up.

(2) In your ice cream tub mix your canned dog food and the rest of the dog pellets.

(3) Add the pellet mixture until the tub is ¾ full.

(4) Mix gently so that the canned dog food and pellets are evenly submerged. (Some of the pellets will float while others will sink.)

(5) Place the ice cream tub in the freezer on Christmas Eve to give it time to freeze.

(6) When it comes to present opening time, take it out of the freezer and place it in the sink for a minute or so with some hot water. This will help when removing the ice treat from the container.

It is best to give your dog’s their gift on a lush piece of grass outside so that your house doesn’t end up with meaty puddles.

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