TAH Brave Heart Award for February 2015

On the 10/04/2014 a beautiful pit bull was rushed to our hospital with acute paralysis. IMAG2245Lola had lost majority of her skeletal muscle use overnight, she wasn’t able to lift herself up and once helped onto her legs she would sway from side to side with weakness, It took two weeks for her to lose complete ability to stand.
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Lola Stayed at the Bellville hospital for Eight months where she had constant observation and care. There were daily rehab sessions which consisted of body work, Laser Therapy and underwater treadmill. She was immediately made a part of the Bellville family and wormed her way into even the toughest hearts.She inspired all of us with her determination and her drive, if she wanted a chewy stick that had rolled away from her she would worm and work her way to the chewy stick.
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Lola Returned home in December 2014 to be with her family during the festive season and has been home ever since. Every time Lola is brought in for her scheduled rehab appointment she is warmly welcomed by excited TAH staff.
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Lola has not fully recovered but every day we are proud to see how she has progressed. Even though she is disabled and cannot do much for herself, she is still a happy dog who gives love and attention to any person or animal willing to stop by her side. Her positive energy will and has always been an inspiration to all out staff4, Thank you Lola and we are excited for your next visit.
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