A dream not too far out of reach.

Jordynn_0292It’s not every day we are given a chance to make someone’s dreams come true, but on the 10th September 2013 Tygerberg Animal Hospital was given that opportunity. Together with the Reach for a dream foundation, TAH received the honour of spending the day with an inspirational little girl by the name of Jordynn.

Jordynn is ten-years-old and lives in Port Elizabeth. She is currently being treated at the Red Cross Hospital in Cape Town for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Jordynn is a big animal lover and dreams of one day becoming a professional veterinarian.

The Reach for a Dream Foundation contacted Tygerberg Animal Hospital in the hopes of making Jordynn’s dreams a reality. We were more than happy as well as honoured to be a part of this special moment in Jordynn’s life.

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Jordynn and her Mother Rochelle spent the day at our TAH Durbanville branch with Dr Michelle Adam. Dr Adam did a tour around the hospital explaining where certain procedures are done and then gave a demonstration of what an everyday veterinary check-up entails. Jordynn was able to participate during the check up and had the opportunity to listen to a dog’s heartbeat.
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After spending some time at Tygerberg Animal Hospital with all the fluffy inpatients, Jordynn has said she is even more inspired to one day studying to become a veterinarian. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind when looking into Jordynn’s eyes, that with all her strength, determination and passion for animals, that her dream won’t come true.

Thank you to Jordynn, Rochelle and the Reach for a Dream team, for giving Tygerberg Animal Hospital this opportunity to make someone’s dream come true. Meeting Jordynn was inspirational and a pleasure. We wish Jordynn well in her journey ahead and look forward to hearing from her soon.

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4 Responses to A dream not too far out of reach.

  1. lawrence cunningham says:

    I am bought to tears by this story.Jordan is personally known to me.My sister Lynn and her husband Owen Walsh are friends with Marco and Rochelle for many years.Jordan is really a figther and inspiration to us all.her radiance and beaming little eyes lights up the room.her joy for life transcends to all around her.Reach for a Dream is really doing sterling work for the people.We wish Jordan well.May God grant her all the wishes that her heart desires.

  2. Eugene Burgins says:

    Jordynn is an inspiration to all of her friends and extended family not just in Port Elizabeth but throughout all of Facebookland too. We’re all praying for you Jordy. Your strength is legendary for one so young. I hope your birthday was a special one too. Love from Shannon and Uncle Pieto.

  3. Nomie says:

    We are praying for you Jordynn and trust that God will completly heal you and grant your dreams. May God strenghten your family in this time too. xxx

  4. Lynne Kleu says:

    Dear TAH team

    Thank you so much for helping us to make Jordynn’s dream a reality! She had the most amazing day and knows now more than ever that she wants to be a vet!

    Thank you also for the wonderful hamper of goodies which you put together for her. It was really special.

    Best wishes,
    Reach for a Dream volunteer