Pets can be Super heroes too!

TAH Animal Blood Bank

article_blood-bankMost people would never think about it – donating blood is something humans do, not animals? But the reality is that every day pets just like yours need blood transfusions. For many procedures and emergencies a transfusion is a necessity and can be lifesaving.
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When an animal is brought into a hospital with a terrible injury or has been hit by a car, the probability of internal bleeding is high. This means the animal will be losing blood at a very fast rate and will lessen the time your vet has to make a difference and save that animal’s life. There are many other reasons why blood transfusions are necessary for our pets, things like tick bite fever, rat poisoning, or anything causing anaemia.

In human medicine, supplies of blood and blood products are available through the efforts of the National Blood Transfusion Service. Vets however must rely on their own resources.
By becoming an animal blood donor, you are not only allowing your pet to help vets save other pets lives, but also ensuring that one day if anything had to happen to your beloved pet, that they would have that extra fighting chance with blood transfusions.
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For more information on registering as an animal (cat and dog) blood donor, please contact Sister Annie at our Bellville TAH branch on 021 919 1191.

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