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Meet Ryan Norrie

Ryan Norrie joins TAH as general manager. Hi, my name is Ryan Norrie. I am originally from Durbs and despite not having lived there since leaving school, I’m afraid I still support the Sharks (Province is my second team though!!!).

Visit our VetShops

Besides the small retail areas in each TAH branch, we have 5 different VetShops. These are conveniently situated retail outlets that sell veterinary approved products, and can be  found in various shopping centres in the Northern Suburbs.

Hamster Friends

They are chunky-bodied, thick-furred, short-tailed rodents with cheek pouches and are secretive burrowers and hoarders. Being nocturnal creatures, they usually sleep during the day and play and explore at night. Hamsters have no detectable body odor. They are inexpensive to … Continue reading