Behind-the-Scene Heroines

Behind every successful man is a great woman, and behind every successful vet is an amazing nurse. The TAH nurses are the ones behind the scenes assisting the vets in surgery, caring for your pets during treatment and giving it their all to ensure the best possible results

Here’s what they have to say:

Sr Maureen Launder
“I work with Dr Kettner in the specialised medicine clinic. If you have ever watched the TV series, House, that is what we do, but in the animal world. We work with complex medical conditions, cancers and do diagnostics just to name but a few of our day-to-day challenges.”
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Sr Adre Pieterse
“One day we had a small non-venomous snake at the Kenridge branch which decided to bite me on the palm of my hand. I had to wait for Dr Smith to safely remove the snake without harming the snake and myself.”

Sr Minyon Myburgh
“Many people may not know that our Bellville branch has its own lab. This was started by myself and Dr Kettner. It is my job to test samples sent from all of our branches as requested by the doctor. We test blood, urine and faeces for infections and illnesses so that the correct treatment can be given to your pet.”

Sr Chanel Stadler
“I have always wanted to work with animals. It really is fulfilling to help a creature in need and to return them to their loving owners. Every day is a challenge but in the end all the hard work and dedication is well worth it.”

Norma Boshoff
“There is nothing more heartwarming then reuniting a lost pet with their owner. It is pure joy to find a stray that has been micro-chipped and can be sent home the same day. It is very important to me that pet owners do the responsible thing and have their pets chipped.”
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Sr Karen Forsdick
“I have worked for TAH for many years and in those years I could have written a book with all the funny things we have experienced. One of my stories is about a tiny Yorkshire terrier. I wanted to comfort the little guy and popped my head in its cage to reach it. What I came out with was a new attachment to my nose. The Yorkie had gotten such a fright it jumped at me and bit me on my nose. Needless to say I had a very swollen red nose for a few days after.”
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Sr Joanne Merry
“At the Bellville branch we have a small pool where I get to do hydrotherapy with dogs that need to lose weight, strengthen muscles and so much more.”

Sr Annie Singh
“The blood bank is a project I started working on a few years back and has now become a big passion in my career. It is extremely important that we have blood on hand for operations on injured pets.”

Sr Elfra Visser
“The Weight Clinic is run by myself, Norma from Bellville and Adre from Kenridge. It is very important to us that pets are at a healthy weight. It is very satisfactory to help a pet lose weight. A healthy pet is a happy pet.”

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