Birds of a feather.

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the wild birds that are brought into IMG_1384Tygerberg Animal Hospital? We get a wide variety of birds, but during this time of the year many are Egyptian geese (adults and babies.)

One day a mother goose was brought to our Kenridge branch injured with 3 tiny babies (the mother was probably hit by a car). Unfortunately one of the babies died, but we treated the mother gooses injuries and looked after her 2 other babies.
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The mother goose’s injuries to her head healed, but her wing is still not 100% so she cannot fly well yet. But we thought it would be helpful for her to raise the babies in a safe natural environment rather than a cage, so one of our vets took the mother goose and babies home to her smallholding and released them on the dam in her back garden.
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There were another 2 orphan goslings at the Kenridge branch, so after the mother goose had settled a few days later, the orphans were taken to the small holding and put in a cage outside near the mother goose. Once she had investigated them, the cage was opened and the babies joined her.
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Last week we received another gosling that was also injured and although he was somewhat bigger than the other babies, the decision was made to try him with the mommy too. She has taken him on board and so now she has 5 babies of different ages which she is raising, only 2 of which are actually her own.

what a great foster mother!

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