Brave heart Minka

Minka Kober is an 11 year old boxer who is a much loved companion that has unfortunately been struggling with spinal problems since she was very young. Even with her disabilities nothing has stopped Kinka from being a “bouncing boxer.”

In March 2015 Minka came in for a spinal and over all check up with Dr Campbell, during the check-up De Campbell noticed that there was a problem in her mouth and decided to refer her to Dr Jose Almansa Ruiz.

Minka was diagnosed with a benign but very invasive tumour on her maxilla. After a long discussion, Minka underwent a procedure called nostril maxillectomy to remove her oral mass. After a short stay in hospital, Minka recovered very fast, and at her 2 week follow- up everything was back to normal. She was again a very happy boxer, and Mrs Kober was very relieved that she had made the right decision. Seeing Minka back to herself again after such a big procedure was a sight for sore eyes.

The best news yet came when the histopathology results showed clean margins, meaning that Minka was in the clear.

It is very essential to perform routine dental care on your pets to ensure you are on top of their health needs. Your pet may not outwardly show a health issue until it is too late.

Brushing your pets’ teeth and grooming daily is a great way to bond with your pet as well as keep them in tip top shape.

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