Christmas Decorations

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Each year we see some unusual household pet injuries around Christmas time. Here are five simple tips to help keep your pet safe and your Christmas decorations looking pristine.e8523606-f42a-42af-a544-1d0fba4546d1

Safe and secure

If you have a kitten or cat who loves to climb, make sure your Christmas tree is safely secured to the ground and cannot easily topple.

Power cords – ohh so chewy

Dazzling lights maybe a feature of most houses and Christmas trees during the Christmas season however cords are best kept neat, tidy and out of sight from kittens and puppies. If your puppy or kitten is teething and chewing please be extra cautious with extension leads as they are wonderfully soft and highly desirable chew objects.

Sharp objects and ornaments

For a bored pet, a Christmas tree will look more like a storage facility for 100 tennis balls of all different shapes and sizes. It’s a good idea to inspect your ornaments for sharp objects such as pins and exposed hooks. Try placing the ornaments at a level they can’t reach. If your pet does take the opportunity to entertain himself/ herself at least you can reduce the risk of them ingesting anything nasty.

Tinsel and wide ribbons

All of a sudden your cat’s favourite ball of string has just turned into a more attractive and much shinier proposition? Tinsel and large lengths of ribbon can play havoc in the intestines once digested. If your cat is particularly interested in lengths of string, then close supervision maybe required.


Unopened presents, particularly those with pleasing aromas (like chocolates and biltong) can provide hours of enjoyment for an inquisitive pet. If your pet is unsupervised, it might be an idea to ask Santa to leave the presents out on Christmas Eve instead of days or weeks before.

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