Cute n Cuddly

These little babies were brought to us about a month ago as strays. They were clearly too young to be away from mom and required a lot of TLC. One of our nurses photo 1named Lauren was happy to become their foster mommy, doing feedings every 2 to 3 hours and ensuring the little ones got everything they needed to grow strong and healthy. It was a labor of love for Lauren as she bottle fed each baby and then when the time was right introduced them slowly to solids.
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The amazing part of this story is that Lauren is the owner of a white bull terrier. Everyone’s first perception is that they are dangerous dogs that cannot be left with other animals or 4 But the total opposite is true with Laurens bully Cassie. Cassie took it upon herself to help Lauren forester the babies by giving them a comfy spot to cuddle up to and the best part… showing the babies how to 2
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