DIY Christmas toys for your pets

Ever wondered what to do with those pesky socks that have lost their partner? Here are two DIY toy ideas perfectly timed for Christmas.

Sock Fish – Cat Toy

cat Step one:
Roll a piece of paper into a cone for a funnel; secure with tape.

Step two:
Insert funnel into sock, and fill halfway with catnip. Knot just above filling.

Step three:
Cut out eyes and a mouth from a piece of paper. Attach to sock with nontoxic fabric glue.

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Socktopus – For Dogs

playtime3 Step one:
Get one sock and one tennis ball, place the tennis ball all the way into the toe section of the sock and then tie a knot in the sock to secure the ball.

Step two:
With scissors, cut strips from opening of sock to the knot.

Step three:
Grab three strips at a time and start plaiting. At the end of the plait tie a knot so that it does not unravel.

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Bird Swing

bird String wooden beads, spindles, plastic buttons, and a bell onto a shoelace and your bird will busily move them around with his beak.

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