Grooming your dog in winter, must or bust?

There’s a misconception that your dog does not need to be groomed in the winter months, especially if they stay indoors. However, this is not true. In fact it becomes more important to groom your pet in winter as their long fur gets matted due to the cold, wet conditions. You may find that by not grooming your pets’ long, thick or double-coated fur it can become a curse if not maintained properly. Fur that’s matted doesn’t insulate or provide warmth; instead, it provides discomfort, pain, and hot spots and can lead to infections below the skin. Grooming then becomes essential and isn’t just for a beautiful dog but it’s also crucial for your dog’s good health.

With winter fast approaching, it’s essential that you get your furry friends groomed and ready for the cold months ahead! Here are a few grooming parlours in and around Cape Town.

Jeni’s Pet Parlour
Cape Town
021 685 2982
Open until 18:00

Tip Top Dog & Cat Groomers
Cape Town
021 790 7436
Open until 17:00

Absolute Pets Pet Spa
Cape Town
021 461 4333

The Dog Box
Cape Town
021 439 4490

Cape Town
021 595 1985
Open until 19:00

The Laughing Dog
Cape Town
021 762 0627
Open until 17:00

Bark Avenue Pet Parlour
Cape Town
021 788 9194

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