Hamster Friends

hamsterThey are chunky-bodied, thick-furred, short-tailed rodents with cheek pouches and are secretive burrowers and hoarders. Being nocturnal creatures, they usually sleep during the day and play and explore at night.

Hamsters have no detectable body odor. They are inexpensive to buy and besides cage cleaning and proper food, are relatively maintenance free.  These adorable rodents are subject to very few health problems and diseases. Since they sleep during the day, they are active at night when most people are home. A hamster can be a wonderful family member and an excellent pet.
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Most Vetshops will have a great variety of cages that will be safe to use for you little hamster –  wire cages with a hard plastic bottom is usually the popular choice. Ensure your little guy has an exercise wheel, a place to escape into in order to make a bed/den, bedding and a water dispenser. Tick these essentials off your list first.

A varied diet is as important to hamsters as it is to people, and the easiest way to ensure your hamster’s diet provides everything he needs is to buy the best prepared food you can find. Then supplement its diet with pieces of fresh fruit and veggies like acorns, apples, bananas, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, corn, zucchini, cucumbers, grapes, oranges, peas, spinach, sweet potatoes, and turnips. The key with fresh food is to supply it in small portions, since hamsters store away excess food. Rotten food is not something you want in your pet’s cage.
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It is important to clean your pet’s cage about once a week. Replace the substrate and bedding, wash the food bowls, and change the water. You can also wash other smelly parts of the cage with soapy water. Be sure to dry everything before putting items back in the cage. While cleaning, be sure to keep your hamster someplace safe to prevent escape. A running ball, deep bucket, or bathtubs with the drain plugged are good places to keep your pet temporarily.
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It is quite easy to make sure your cute friend lives a long and healthy life. A proper diet, fresh water, and a nice, clean habitat go a long way towards preventing illness and injury. You want to make sure its home is away from drafts, excessive heat and dampness, as well as provides exercise and suitable hiding places. Protect your hamster by handling it carefully to prevent a nasty fall.
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If you do notice that there is something not quite right with your little furry friend, then make an appointment at our TAH Kenridge for a check-up. TAH Kenridge is well known to be our exotic hospital where they have had the privilege of working with some interesting creatures.

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