Have you ever seen your dog or cat eating grass and wondered if it was normal?

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Grass is highly composed of insoluble fibre that is not easily digestible and irritates/inflames the stomach why-do-dogs-eat-grass_1wall. Blades of grass (both large and small) often gather in the stomach instead of moving into the small intestine. When a particular degree of inflammation is achieved after eating grass, vomiting usually follows.
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If you do spot your pet eating grass then keep an eye on them, when vomiting does occur have a look at the condense your pet has expelled as it could give you an indication of what the problem may be.

As for humans, fibre is eaten to help clean out the intestines; the same can be said for our pets and their stomachs. There are many objects our pets could get their paws on that may not digest very easily, these then accumulate in the stomach and in some cases causes a blockage. The Grass will irritate the stomach lining and will promote vomiting helping your pet get rid of undigested matter.
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Eating grass could also be a way  for your pet to try compensate for nutritional deficiencies, by ensuring that the food you are feeding your pet is all round balanced will help keep your pet health and happy.
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If your pet does not seem themselves, starts losing weight and is seen eating grass then it is essential that your pet is seen by your TAH vet for a complete evaluation to eliminate any underlying illnesses.

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