Koppie Krap!

Whether you live in a small flat or on a farm, a parrot is a great companion.
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There are so many diverse species of domesticated birds available that you will easily find one to suit your lifestyle and personality.

If, however, you’re prepared for some hard but rewarding work, then a parrot may be the perfect companion for you. Here are some tips on how to care for your feathery friend:

Parrots can be hand-reared by their owners, allowing a time of great bonding and ensuring easier handling when older. Just bear in mind that they typically have very long lifespans, ranging from 25 to 80 human years, depending on the species.

Parrots are very intelligent and are happiest when they are mentally stimulated. Ensure that they have ample toys to chew on, toys which offer mental challenges and involves problem solving.

Living Space
Parrots need a lot of space to climb, fly and play. Aviaries are ideal, but if you don’t have space for an aviary, the largest cage you can fit into your home will suffice – at least larger than 90cm high and 50cm wide.
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Where you place the cage is extremely important – look for a place free from drafts, but which would allow your parrot to get natural sunlight.  Also remember that your parrot likes to be a part of the family, so find a wall or corner in your family room where they can be a part of the action. Against the wall or in a corner will mean your parrot will feel less vulnerable.

Parrots love fresh fruit and vegetables, but it is also essential to give them organic pellets in order for them to have a healthy well-rounded diet. Seeds and nuts are great for treats or for training.

To lessen your parrot’s stress levels, stick to routine cage cleaning, grooming and sleeping times. Your parrot needs at least 11 to 12 hours of sleep to be happy and healthy.

Signs of Illness
Always be on the lookout for any abnormal signs. When you notice them sitting listlessly on the cage floor, if you see abnormal growths, or dull or swollen eyes, contact your nearest Tygerberg Animal Hospital.
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Whatever bird you choose for your lifestyle, it is important to do some research before choosing one, and always ensure that you give them a healthy and safe environment to live in.

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