Leading the way…

I was left screaming and shouting with my empty collar and lead in hand.
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I was walking my border collie recently near aphoto 1
dam, it was the first time we had walked this
route and I was surprised at the amount of
activity. She has been socialised with other
dogs so I was confident we would be fine
with the other walkers, but what I hadn’t
expected was her excitement when she saw
a gaggle of geese. She bucked and pulled
her head right out of her collar and bolterd
towards the giant white birds.
I’m sure this is something many people
before me have experienced and it had me
wondering – why? The answer to my question
is that most of us have no idea what collars
should be used at what time.
So here is a breakdown that I hope
helps you make the correct decision
for future outings.
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• Flat collars are the normal collars used
to place your dog’s identity or medical
tags on.
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• Flat chokers (half flat collar and half
chocker chain.) are used for training and
for dogs with small heads. (These collars
are safe to leave on.)
• Choker chains are only used for walking
and training and should not be left on
a dog.
• Harnesses are good to use for walking as
there is almost no way for your dog to
get loose. Step in Harnesses are an easier harness version to slip onto your dog.
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• A lupi harness pulls your dog’s shoulders
back giving you the control necessary to
keep your dog on course
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• A halti harness is placed over the dogs
muzzle/nose and head (this must not be
confused with a muzzle that stops dogs
from biting.) The halti is used to steer the
dog by its head which means you have
all the power when it comes to leading.
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• A halti link is used to connect the halti
to the collar. The seat belt lead is used to
buckle your dog into your car.
If you are ever unsure about leads or collar
types, please ask a receptionist or vetshop
assistant, they have been trained to help you
make the right choice .

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