Major’s March: A journey of rescue, rehabilitation, fostering and rehoming.

RAD’s (Rescue Animal Drive) motto is “Love is Rescue”. Major’s story epitomises this philosophy and the unconditional love of a rescued dog.

Found on the streets of Botriver, a skeleton with a broken front leg, Major was at death’s door when RAD found and rescued him.

The vet suggested euthanasia, but one look into the eyes of Major which communicated his plea for life so eloquently, and we were hooked on saving him.

We have a wonderful network of foster homes, and once we found a spot for Major, he was transported to his “new” home. The task was huge, he needed 24/7 care, his skin was in a deplorable state from mange, his bones stuck out, and he did not know what a loving pair of hands was. He was bathed every day in a special solution, was given medication to treat his mange, and fed a nutritious meal three times a day. His broken leg had healed in its original fractured position, so he continued to walk with a bad limp, but this did not hold him back from gaining in strength and resilience in order to survive.

With the help and advice and care of Dr Omar at TAH, Major lowly but surely started showing signs of becoming a dog again and he fitted nicely into the pack of 5 at his foster home. He never showed any aggression towards other dogs or humans, loving his new mates and the care being lavished on him by all who came to visit him.

It took approximately a year to heal his dreadful mange and today he still suffers bouts of very itchy skin, but this is managed. His appetite for life remains undiminished. He can dig a tunnel looking for a mole that rivals a Jack Russel, chases after a ball with his besties, Rocco and Kimba, and loves to have a natter through the fence with his next door mates. When it suits him and something interesting is happening at the end of the property, he runs at the same pace as the pack to investigate and make his voice heard. Most mornings Major and the pug – Kimba, can be seen tracking moles around the garden in winter – Kimba being the main honcho and Major following to see what support he can offer. He has the most gentle nature and no one would suspect the awful starvation and neglect he suffered – whenever he sees his foster Mum – he gives a series of happy barks as if to say “Hi Mum, I’m here”.

It goes without saying that Major’s foster Mum could not bear to part with him and so he remains a part of this wonderful loving home. Visitors are welcome by appointment!

RAD is a registered Animal Welfare NPO and we rely on an incredible group of volunteers, local and national businesses and organisations to save the lives of many dogs in our area. Major’s journey is just one of many happy stories which keep us all going.

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