Message from a TAH staff member – Please microchip and tag your pets!

jasperWorking at TAH for the past few years I have seen distraught clients come in or phone desperately looking for their loved pet that has gone missing. I never truly understood their heart ache and pain until one of my beloved pets ran away from home.

Every day I would come into work and inspect every Tabby brought in as a stray, or contact every person reporting a tabby found, but no one had my little fluff ball.

10 months had gone by and my hope had turned into sad acceptance. Until Sunday 17/04/2016 when I received a call from a gentleman saying he had tried to catch Jasper but he slid out of his collar and is hiding under his neighbours’ car.

Complete disbelief hit me IMG_20160417_114605as I had accepted he was gone, how could this be? After a 4 minute drive up the road, there was a tabby sitting under a car. A lady was patiently sitting next to the car with a bowl of food coaxing him out. When I got out of the car I immediately knew it was my Jasper and  when I got to hold him in my arms his skew tail was the final evidence I needed to confirm this was definitely my missing boy.

The amount of relief and joy I felt because of the fact that I had microchipped him as well as placed a name tag on his collar was over whelming! After 10 months of being on the streets, his name tag brought him home!

I have always been a believer in giving pets an identity by microchipping  and having collars with name tags, but now I have every faith in these simple tags that our pets sometimes see as an irritation. It can be that little microchip or that little tag that could return your fur baby back to your loving arms.IMG_20160417_114303

A massive thank you to all the kind hearted people out there that takes the time to care for pets that may or may not have a home. Your selflessness does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

*Special thank you to Chris and Carla for reuniting me with my fur baby, you guys are amazing!

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