Micro Chipping is the answer.

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In early November 2012 a couple, Jacob & Bonnie Richter, took their precious cat Holly on a road trip in their RV. The couple decided to vacation 200miles from their West Palm Beach home in Florida USA, making their final destination a RV rally in Daytona Beach.

During all the festivities Holly managed to bolt from the RV never to be seen again even though searches had been done. It was a heart breaking day when the couple had to admit defeat and start their drive back home.

On New Year’s Eve, too weak even to meow, a cat appeared from nowhere in a Florida family’s back yard. For six days, Barb Mazzola and her children tried coaxing the cat into their home with food and water. Once the cat had had a good meal and sleep, its sweet loving personality was contagious and the family instantly fell in love with the tortoiseshell cat. When Mrs Mozzola took their new found pet to the vet for a once over to make sure all was well, the vet asked if they should scan the cat to see if it was micro chipped. Turns out that this lovable tortoiseshell indeed was chipped and her name was Holly. The same Holly that had gone missing 200 miles from her home in Florida two months ago.

When the Richter family were contacted, they were in disbelief that this cat was their Holly, how can this be possible they said. But with Holly’s distinctive harlequin markings as well as the microchip in her neck, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind it wasn’t her. To this day people are baffled as to how the cat knew her way home and how she made it back with only minor injuries.

Losing a pet is heart breaking and we can’t all be as lucky as the Richter family to have our pet find its way home after an adventure. That is why micro chipping your pet is something that should be an essential on your list of pet care. The advantages of micro chipping is huge, if you pet goes missing or is stolen, all animal welfares, hospitals and most organisations will have a scanner that will detect the chip and will inform the vet of your contact details as well as any relevant details the vet may need about your pet.

There is nothing better than being reunited with your pet, where a collar may fall off, the microchip the size of a grain of rice will be their forever. Speak to your vet about micro chipping your furry friend, whether you have been companions for years or just starting out, give your pet the best chance of getting home no matter the distance.

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