Ninja the cat saves owner’s life!

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It was recently reported that one of TAH Durbanville’s regular customers, Mr ninjaNeville Smith of Rosehaven Gardens in Durbanville, and his faithful cat Ninja, had a brush with death a few weeks ago. In fact, as per Mr Smith’s own admission, Ninja saved his life!

It was an early evening for Mr Smith, who was baking rusks as he does from time to time. A friend visited for a short while, and before turning in, Mr Smith carefully set the oven to a low heat and left the door slightly open so the rusks could dry overnight. A few hours later he was woken by Ninja who sat on his chest, slapping his owner through the face. Even though Ninja has been declawed, he occasionally gives Mr Smith a gentle tap if he felt it was past his breakfast time. On this particular night Mr Smith says he was downright annoyed with the cat, using such force and repeatedly slapping him in the face.  When he sat up he realised that he could hardly see more than a metre in front of him. His entire flat was filled with thick smoke.

Mr Smith made it to the kitchen, but by this time had trouble breathing and was falling over furniture. Passing the kitchen, Mr Smith realised that the flames he could see were coming from the oven. He managed to get out of the front door to fetch a fire extinguisher and proceeded to put out the fire. Ninja sat by the front door calmly observing the action.

It took many days of washing, scrubbing and painting to restore the flat.  Mr Smith’s medical doctor advises that it may take up to three months to fully recover from the effects of smoke inhalation.

Ninja is a red-point Siamese male bred by G. Maritz of Caledon and was born on 10 February 2001. Ninja will be inducted into the TAH Hall of Fame for his tremendous courage and loyalty. Mr Smith on the other hand, can be contacted for advice on how to raise Kung Fu cats!

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