Our pets can’t talk, so it’s our job to take care of them.

FroCat_blog24/08m the get go, we take the plunge and purchase that adorable little kitten or puppy. From that point on, vet visits are important for the obvious reasons of parasite control both internal and external, vaccination program, advice on good balanced nutrition and most importantly – socialization. This visit is key, especially for first time pet owners. This helps in producing a happy, balanced, strong and healthy pet. So besides the obvious, subtle checks are also done, like listening to the heart for abnormalities such as murmurs. Some conditions if detected early, carry a more favorable outcome.

Routine visits for adult dogs and cats can be just as valuable. Our pets are particularly stoic and do their best to carry on however horrible they might feel. We usually only realise something is wrong when they refuse to eat for a few days, and become weak and depressed. A basic clinical examination, routine screening blood and urine tests can detect early disease or ailing organs. If appropriate treatment is initiated early, we can often reverse the condition or prolong their lives and keep them comfortable. Other less obvious problems, for example a tooth fracture, can go unnoticed but still be the cause of some pain and discomfort to our pets.

As the years go by our pets slow down and osteoarthritis sets in, accompanied by a myriad of other challenges. A trained eye is able to pick up on issues our pets can’t communicate to us and in that way assist us in making their golden years just that, golden! In today’s times, household pets have become part of the family. Our ‘furkids’or ‘furbabies’ as we like to call them. The human-animal bond has become even stronger and they hold a special place in our hearts and homes.

So in partnership with your local vet you can offer your pet the best possible life by practicing preventative health care. 

Maureen Launder 

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