They say prevention is better than cure and this is true for the health of your dog’s teeth too.

Having worked as a nurse for several years, and most recently as assistant to Dr Jose, our veterinary dentist, I have seen some healthy mouths and some unfortunate animals with dreadful teeth. These animals are usually booked in to see us as their breath smells bad and they do not want to eat pellets any more. Continue reading

Debunking the misconceptions of Parvo, and enforcing the realities… a client’s testimonial.

It was around 3 o’ clock the morning, 2nd Jan ‘18, when I woke up to the worst gagging sounds that I have ever heard. From that sound, I immediately knew that something was very wrong. I got out of bed to assist my 15-week-old Doberman puppy who was trying to throw up. Her tummy was as tight as a tennis ball. She was for some time, but nothing came out. She looked so terribly uncomfortable. Continue reading

Stories from the TAH Rehab Clinic (vol 1)

Much like humans, when we are injured we go through a timely process of healing.

Animals too, need this kind of specialized attention after serious injury. Physical rehabilitation is something that can begin immediately post operatively. For patients suffering from a neurological condition, the first 6 weeks is crucial for performing physical rehab and exercises to aid a faster and better recovery.

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