Canine Distemper in Dogs

The Festive season is upon us and we wish all our clients a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Please drive safely! At the moment we have a Distemper outbreak in Moorreesburg! We already had to euthanize a lot of dogs! Please read about Distemper in this newsletter and make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date! Continue reading

5 incredible life lessons your dog can teach you

5 incredible life lessons your dog can teach you

They may not be able to talk or communicate verbally, but man’s best friend might also be man’s greatest teacher. If you pay enough attention you might just learn a thing or two from your dog.

There are so many valuable lessons dogs can teach us; here are some of our favorites:

  1. Live in the moment

One of the most important lessons our dogs can teach us is to live in the moment. Whether they are playing with a ball or chewing a bone, dogs live for the present moment. This wonderful display of contentment should teach us that it does not help to be worried about the future or ponder on the past. Allow yourself to stop and smell the roses, to breathe and take in your surroundings, and if you’re really bold, make like your dog and stick your head out of the car window. Continue reading

Happy Birthday TAH Bright Street!

Its our one year birthday at TAH Somerset West!


We are one year old and can’t believe how a year has flown by. We are exceptionally pleased and delightfully proud of how we have developed as a practice in our first year. We have met some amazing clients and been bowled over by so many friendly and well looked after furry friends. Our after-hours service is hitting full steam and we are eternally grateful to everyone who have remained patient through the growing pains phases! Continue reading

Our pets can’t talk, so it’s our job to take care of them.

FroCat_blog24/08m the get go, we take the plunge and purchase that adorable little kitten or puppy. From that point on, vet visits are important for the obvious reasons of parasite control both internal and external, vaccination program, advice on good balanced nutrition and most importantly – socialization. This visit is key, especially for first time pet owners. This helps in producing a happy, balanced, strong and healthy pet. So besides the obvious, subtle checks are also done, like listening to the heart for abnormalities such as murmurs. Some conditions if detected early, carry a more favorable outcome.
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Why pet insurance?

Most of you know that when you get a new furry baby, they become part of your family immediately. You can give them as much love and attention as you possibly can – but when the unexpected strikes, love won’t pay the bills.

What would you do if you were suddenly faced with a vet bill of R5000 or R10000 today? What if your beloved pet needed surgery costing R30000?

Illness and accidents can happen at any time, and when they do you want to do everything you can to make things better. That’s why it’s so important to get pet insurance, to put your heart at ease when you need it most, knowing your fur kid (and your wallet) are covered.

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Bring the world of a veterinary practice into your classroom

On the 9th of June Tygerberg Animal Hospital went to visit Welgemoed Pre-Primary School, where Sr. Karen came to talk to the children about her job as a veterinary nurse and about what a Vet does. Sr, Karen had her own two greyhounds named William, male, and Jinjer, female, with her. dog_in_school_04William is a rescue greyhound that started off life in awful conditions and cruelty and now is the best ambassador for greyhounds. He loved all the attention from the children. Continue reading