Walking with Memphis

I always get excited when I comephoto 1 across a main coon cat during my TLC walk through the hospital every morning. You can’t help but love this breed of cat!

A ginger mass of fluff greeted me with a meow but didn’t move from his resting spot. Looking at his papers, I read that his name was Memphis, an 8 month old kitten (But yet he looks like a full size cat) who had been mauled by the next door neighbour’s dog. Continue reading

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Has your cat has been diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Like its human counterpart (HIV) it causes suppression of the cat’s immune system. Thankfully it cannot be transmitted to humans and neither can HIV infect cats.kitty-cat

Most commonly cats are infected through bite or scratch wounds from FIV infected cats, although occasionally mothers may transmit the virus to their kittens. Continue reading

Welcome to TAH Bright St, Somerset West

For the last 50 years Tygerberg Animal Hospital has had the privilege of caring for the animals in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Branching out to Somer (1)Darling and Moorreesburg in 2014 was the beginning of our adventure into new territory which was met with great success. With eight hospitals under the TAH umbrella, we are happy to introduce our newest branch in Somerset west. Continue reading

Has your dog been diagnosed with Canine Parvovirus infection, commonly known as “Parvo” or “Katgriep”?

stethThis is a viral disease of dogs that affects their immune system and gastrointestinal tract. The virus commonly causes inappetance, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever and a decreased ability to fight infections. It is especially severe in puppies but the virus can also cause disease in older dogs whose vaccinations are not up to date. Continue reading

Has your pet been mauled by a dog? TAH Article

Some pets mauled bresized_350x513_Dr_Dog1y dogs will have obvious injuries while others may appear perfectly fine initially, only to later show clinical signs of cardiovascular shock, difficult breathing or severe infections. It is therefore very important that all animals with dog bite wounds be thoroughly examined and treated by your vet.

Our vets pride themselves in being well trained to deal quickly and effectively with trauma cases like dog bite wounds. Your vet will start with a basic clinical examination and by giving your pet strong pain medication. During the basic clinical examination in the consult room your vet will determine if your pet is breathing well, if he is in cardiovascular shock, if he is neurologically sound, the extent of his wounds and if obvious fractures are present. Continue reading

Has your pet been knocked down by a vehicle? – TAH Article

It can happen in a blink of an eye. Pets in the wrong place at the wrong time can become victims of being hit by vehicles.cats_and_heartworms

Some pets may be noticeably severely injured while others may appear fine, only to show clinical signs of cardiovascular shock or difficult breathing a few hours later. It is therefore very important that all animals involved in motor vehicle accidents be thoroughly examined by your vet. Continue reading

Welcome to TAH Animal Hospital

If you are anything like us, you too will feel that your pet is one of the family and wtah and vetshop logoe know just how big that responsibility can be. Our goal is to share this responsibility and make it easier for you to give them the very best care, so that they may live long, healthy and happy lives. In this way we hope that the relationship between you and your pet can reach its full, fun and let’s face it, sometimes crazy potential. Continue reading

How to get brushing!

Having your pets teeth cleaned at the vet once a year is unfortunately not enough to keep your pets teeth pearly white. A dental routine at at home is the best way to help prevent the build up of plaque. Brushing of teeth is a very important part of the fight against plaque, but if not introduced at an imagesearly age, this job can be a tough one. Use the tips below to help your pet get used to having their teeth cleaned. Continue reading