How to get brushing!

Having your pets teeth cleaned at the vet once a year is unfortunately not enough to keep your pets teeth pearly white. A dental routine at at home is the best way to help prevent the build up of plaque. Brushing of teeth is a very important part of the fight against plaque, but if not introduced at an imagesearly age, this job can be a tough one. Use the tips below to help your pet get used to having their teeth cleaned. Continue reading

TAH Pet rehabilitation – Physical exercise

Why is physical exercising an important part of rehab?

Physical exercises are done to actively help increase joint range of motion, strengthen muscles, assist with gIMG_2112ait training, improve balance and promote proprioceptive awareness.
TAH rehab will have some active assisted exercises and active exercises by using the following equipment: Cavaletti rails can be placed on various heights depending on the size and condition of the patient. They are rails the patient walks over to help increase joint ROM and bring about proprioceptive awareness Stairs are used when patients are ready for active muscle strengthening. Cones are used for weaving & figure of 8s; it stretches and strengthens the spine. It also assists bringing about proprioceptive awareness and gait training

TAH Microchipping Campaign

In the months of July and August we are running our TAH Microchipping campaign.

Cons doorThey say that 1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime, and without proper ID, 90% never return home. Don’t let your furry friend fall into that scary statistic. Get 20% off on each pet microchipped during our Campaign.

Did you know?

Mahatma Gandi once said you must be the change you wish to see in the world, We like to think that in the last 50 yGoldenYearsears of the TAH existence that we have been striving for a change for the better in the animal world. To do this we constantly need to update ourselves and move with the needs and wants of our clients. Making sure our services are of the best quality as well as to the benefit of our client and patient is essential.

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