TAH Parow Renovations

TAH Parow has been anticipating an upgrade for a few years – now the “surgery” is almost complete.
A re-construction project which was planned for the first three months of 2012 will see a whole new section being built to accommodate a retail and reception area. TAH Parow was the first animal hospital to fly the TAH banner back in 1987. With the growth of the TAH group as a whole, TAH Parow has certainly established a reputation for itself as a cornerstone in the local community. Currently staff, patients and customers alike are tolerating the inconvenience that comes with running a business on a building site, but the minor discomfort will be rewarded soon.

“We, the staff at TAH Parow, are all excited and really looking forward to the new look,” said Dr Pieter Human. He added, “At the end of some days the staff bear a striking resemblance to the builders themselves, covered in dust and other building materials, but it’s all worth it! We believe that our clients will appreciate a more modern and spacious TAH Parow.”

“Talk about being dropped in the middle of things,” says Grant Smit, TAH Operations Manager. “Our Parow hospital staff have been fantastic in dealing with the challenges of maintaining their day-to-day responsibilities in the midst of the building project.” Grant joined TAH in June 2011. He has done an outstanding job of seeing this project through since its inception. He says his responsibilities on-site include sourcing materials for the building, getting approval at a moment’s notice, as well as fighting Mother Nature, keeping the natural elements in their favour. So far they have been on time with all their construction deadlines, while also ensuring that all hospital appointments are kept.

When we asked Grant about his position as Operations Manager he said, “Every day has been an adventure dealing with all the behind the scenes  ‘drama’ of hospital life. It’s no Grey’s Anatomy, but we sure do have our fair share of daily problem-solving to get through. Being project manager for the construction at our Parow branch has definitely not slowed things down for me.”

Grant says, “The construction company has done an A-class job and made my life a brick-load lighter.” He went on to say that the project is to be completed by the beginning of April, and invites everyone to come and inspect their handiwork after the grand re-opening!

TAH would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who has been involved in this project – particularly the TAH Parow clients for their patience,  loyalty and kind words of motivation.

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