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FINCHBird lovers with little time will find that finches are great pets, they are small birds that prefer mostly to be left alone and if handled they often become quite stressed.

Even though finches like to be left alone they don’t like living alone, it is best to give them a partner. If you don’t intend on breading then two females will be ideal, if you have two males you will need to ensure they are in a large cage for territory purposes.
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Flying is the finch’s main exercise as they don’t climb or play with toys like parrots do, therefore they need longer cages rather than tall. It is important to set your finch’s cage up correctly with regards to landing perches and flying space.


Their food bowels need to be placed apart from one another and away from perches so that they avoid using their bowel as a toilet. Your finch’s cage should be placed in a room where they will receive full spectrum sunlight as well as a bit of shade if it gets too hot.

The shape of the finch’s bill indicates that they are seed eaters, but they have been known to eat fresh fruit and bean sprouts. It is never enough to only feed you bird seeds, nowadays you can buy pellets filled with all the nutritional value they might be missing out on, but be sure to buy pellets specially formulated for finches.
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Finches are notoriously difficult to cure when ill so make sure you maintain a healthy living environment by cleaning the cage weekly and changing their bowels daily.

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