Pet Pregnancies & Sterilisation

Time goes by so quickly. One moment you are bringing home a furry addition to the family and the next you have to make the decision, do we sterilise or not?
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Unless you are a breeder it is firmly advised that you have your pet sterilised, not only for medical health reasons, but because pet pregnancies have just as many if not more complications than humans. Not only is it expensive, but it is also something you need to willingly give time to.

Sterilisation of both male and female pets is essential in order to keep them healthy and happy. An unsterilised pet will be prone to cancer of the reproductive organs.
Monitoring your pet during her pregnancy is essential to ensure the health of not only the babies, but the mother herself.
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Some may think this is a natural process which takes place in the wild every day; surely she can do this on her own? The thing is that our domesticated pets are dependent on us for so much, and these things have to be adjusted as her pregnancy progresses.

Food requirements will have to change, for example the amount and type of food. Cats and dogs will slowly be put on kitten or puppy food to help with all the nutritional needs for her and her litter. Rabbits and guinea pigs will need fresh water daily as well as extra nutrition, by supplying them with more varieties of fruit and vegetables.

It is also very important to separate and isolate your female pet, this is necessary to ensure that no other male will be attracted to her during this sensitive time.

Your female pet will need to be isolated for a while after giving birth as many females can easily fall pregnant again if they are in heat.

It is very important to find out how large the litter is, as this will help you know when the delivery of all babies is complete. This can be done with veterinarian assistance during her prenatal check-up – the use of an ultrasound machine is a safe option.

Some labour complications can be fatal for the babies as well as the mother – things like uterine infection, excessive bleeding because of uterine rupture, and most commonly, large babies getting stuck in the birth canal of the mother. All of these abovementioned complications can be avoided if you act quickly with veterinarian assistance.
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Contact your local TAH for assistance with your pregnant pet and information on sterilisation.

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