Post skin tumor removal at TAH Animal Hospital.

Paw-bandage_edit1Did your pet have surgery today to remove a tumor from his skin? This is a common procedure in pets. We have described the procedure below to help you understand the surgery and after care your pet will need.

The wound was closed with stitches and then covered with a small piece of cotton wool which may have fallen off before discharge, or may fall off over the next few days. Do not be concerned if the cotton wool falls off, it is not necessary to clean the wound.

The procedure was performed under general anaesthetic which means that your pet may be a bit sleepy tonight. Please offer him/her food tonight, and always have water available. He/she may not want to eat tonight, but should be eating by tomorrow morning.

The anaesthetic was given via a catheter in the front or back leg. We have placed a small plaster over this area, which you can remove tomorrow. Please restrict his activity over the next 3 days, however, if the skin tumor was removed from his legs, groin or armpits we would advise that you do not allow any exercise for 2 weeks. Do not allow him/her to swim or bath for the next two weeks.

If the tumor was sent to a pathologist, it may take 7-10 days for the results to be returned to us. If you do not hear from us in 7 days, please call to enquire. Most of the time the pathologists fees are included in your invoice. However, additional fees may be incurred should the sample require further tests to be performed. These fees may be billed to you after discharge.

Please contact us if:

  • He/she licks his stitches.
    There is a discharge or oozing from the wound site.
    He/she appears very lethargic or sedated.
    You notice the stitches have “disappeared” (i.e. been licked out!)
    The leg in which the catheter was placed appears swollen or red.
    You notice any signs of illness (e.g. not eating, vomiting)

Please give the pain killers supplied as instructed. The pain killers should only be started the morning after the operation, unless otherwise instructed. We will need to see your pet again in 14 days for removal of the stitches. Please make an appointment for this. If you have any queries or concerns please call us.

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