Precautions to take with your cat when you’re moving home.

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Moving home can be stressful for both you and your pets. Cats are highly territorial animals and are often as closely attached to Untitledtheir surroundings as they are to their owners. Taking some precautions before, during and after the move will help relieve the stress your cat will go through.

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Make sure that your cat is fitted with a collar and name tag with your new address and telephone number. However, collars can be lost, so having a microchip implant will ensure that your cat can be permanently identified as belonging to you.

For longer trips, or very frightened cats, it may be advisable to consult your Veterinarian well in advance to obtain anti-anxiety medication for your cat, these work wonders to relieve travel stress.

Your cat should be safely secured inside a traveling container. It should travel with you rather than being put in the removal van.

If you have to move your cat by airplane contact an animal traveling service as they will be best prepared with rules and regulations of airlines.

Ensure during their time in the container that they have fresh food and water. If you are traveling a far distance try make regular pit stops to refresh the cat litter.

When arriving at your new home do not let your cat out at the new house until the removal men have left and the new home is quiet. All the windows and doors must be tightly secured. Give your cat a good meal and a warm and comfortable place to sleep. Giving your cat plenty of attention will help to overcome its natural anxiety about the strange surroundings.

All cats adjust differently to situations, you will need to pay close attention to them to see when they have accepted the house and are ready to take the next step into the garden. This can take from three days to even a month. Don’t rush this step, you don’t want your precious fury friend to get spooked and run for safety in the opposite direction of their new home. All the new smells can confuse them and make finding home a lot harder.

A little extra love and attention goes a long way in making your pet feel at home even in a new environment. Cats are very curious creatures and this helps them adjust to new situations. With a little bit of time and patience from your side your cat will be relaxed and up to mischief in no time.

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