Puppy and Kitten Vaccinations

In order to develop a healthy immune system, able to withstand and fight the viruses or
bacteria that would otherwise cause disease, it is important to vaccinate our pets regularly.

Puppies and kittens will receive some antibodies through the first milk that they get from their mother. As a result puppies and kittens that are born to mothers which are up to date with their vaccines only need to be vaccinated for the first time at 8 weeks of age.
Puppies and kittens where the vaccination status may be uncertain may be given a 6 week vaccination to cover this period until the 8 week vaccination. Initially puppies receive a combination vaccine that includes viruses such as Parvo virus and Distemper.
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At three months (12 week vaccinations) puppies and kittens will receive their first rabies vaccination along with their booster of the initial vaccines. Kittens also have an optional vaccine for Feline Leukaemia Virus. This may be given with the 12 week vaccinations and then boosted later.

It is best to test your cat for the virus prior to vaccination. After the booster at 16 weeks, it is important to note that they still require annual vaccination after the initial course. Animals traveling overseas or to other African countries may need additional vaccines. Please check this with your local vet.
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Pets should be in a healthy condition when the vaccination is given in order to ensure that the stimulation of the immune system is most effective.

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