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IMG_0146Rehabilitation centre upgraded at TAH Bellville.

We are happy to announce that a new section has been built at our Bellville hospital to accommodate our TAH Rehabilitation centre. It is a fact that rehabilitation straight after injury, surgery etc has seen immense improvement in recovery time. There are various types of rehab therapies that are employed and all have a specific purpose. The decision on which modalities are used from session to session is largely determined by the findings of the rehab sister at the initial evaluation session. Modifications are made as the patient progresses.
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The various packages include;rehabilitation center in bellville re opened

Bodywork, physical exercises, cavaletti rails, stairs, cones the land, the physioroll, the balance board, electrical stimulation, stim thermal therapy and hydrotherapy pool. Two new additions to our rehabilitation centre are Laser therapy and an underwater treadmill.
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Laser therapy

The Class IV therapeutic laser emits up to 12 Watts of power with a wavelength of 980nm, making it currently is the strongest therapeutic laser on the market. Using the power of light the operation is able to heal tissue far more quickly. The laser light penetrates deeply into the tissue and is absorbed on a cellular level into the mitochondria (cells energy centre).

Benefits Of Laser Therapy:
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To decrease pain by stimulating certain pain receptors, stimulates an endorphin release, causes blood vessel dialation thus decreasing fluid up, oedema, and speeds up the removal of waste products. The body will heal itself to the best of its ability naturally; laser therapy just enhances and improves the healing process.

Underwater treadmill
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The underwater treadmill is a highly advanced piece of equipment that allows the rehab patient to walk on a treadmill belt while submersed in warm water to a level that suits their specific needs. Water therapy holds many amazing benefits. The buoyancy of the water takes most of the weight off their painful joints, thus enabling them to engage in active movement with more comfort. This is especially beneficial to the older more arthritic dogs that battle to carry their full weight while exercising. It is also beneficial to dogs that are overweight and battle to exercise sufficiently without harming their already overloaded joints. Walking against the water also provides resistance which helps to target specific muscles and joints. Another great benefit of walking on a treadmill belt compared to just walking on a normal surface is that the belt actively pulls the joints into greater extension. After orthopaedic surgeries our patients are often battling with a decreased range of motionin those specific joints and extension is especially decreased. The underwater treadmill is the perfect and most comfortable way to help these patients return to an optimally functioning gait.
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I you are interested in further information on our rehabilitation centre please do not hesitate to contact either : Nurse Antoinette Smit or Nurse Joanne Merry on 021 919 1191.

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