Sammy’s Positive feedback

To the Staff of TAH BellvilleSammy

I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and praise to you and especially to Dr Jurgie Van Zyl for the proactive and excellent care our Chihuahua puppy Sammy received when he was admitted on Friday evening 13 November and was quickly diagnosed with the dreaded Parvo Virus. In other words, a sure death sentence.

Sammy is a beautiful chocolate, caramel and white 7 month old puppy who only weighed 2900g when he was admitted into the isolation ward. Dr Jurgie’s positive yet honest treatment plan to support Sammy’s tiny system through this nasty virus was encouraging.

Sammy & MomEvery effort was made to support our tiny boy whilst the Parvo virus worked itself through Sammy with nausea, vomiting and horrible diarrhea. Every vein was used on his tiny body for antibiotics, nausea medication, blood tests, deworming, electrolytes etc. Initially they fed him with a syringe but when he couldn’t keep the food down due to the nausea and the way the disease affected his gastrointestinal tract, Dr Jurgie put in a nasal feeding tube. Sammy was still anaemic due to low protein levels so Dr Jurgie prescribed a plasma transfusion. This was done at around 8pm on the Wednesday evening! I know this because a friendly lady veterinarian gave me an update saying that we remain hopeful.

Your friendly reception staff patiently answered my phone calls and the busy veterinarians always returned my phone calls and called me daily with updates reassuring me on his progress, patiently answering my every question. I recall a Dr Fiona as well as Dr Levitan Sammy & mom 2who kindly updated me on Sammy’s progress.

Sammy was in isolation for eight days where he was meticulously taken care of until he regained his appetite and to quote Dr Jurgie, “ate like a piggy” that morning and could then continue his recovery at home.

He is currently only 2480g but is steadily regaining his strength.
We as family will remain ever grateful to TAH for saving the life of our beloved Sammy.

Carol and Family

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