Spay it forward

A normal day at TAdogs-tall-to-smallH Animal Hospital will see a number of pets dropped off for theatre bookings between 7 and 8 in the morning. Many of these theatre bookings are dedicated to sterilizing pets that are over the age of 6 months.

Over the years we at TAH Animal Hospital have emphasised how important it is to have your pets sterilized by pointing out the benefits. To help all of our clients join the sterilization campaign, we have ensured that our prices have stayed the same during price increases for 2015 – 2016.

Other than the points made in previous TAH Blog articles regarding health and behavioural benefits, a big positive outcome to sterilizing your pet is the prevention of unwanted litters. Welfares are sitting with an over flow of unwanted or lost animals that are not neutered (Male) or sterilised (Female.)

Welfares all over thIMG_2298e country are doing their part by having stray animals in their care sterilised and neutered. A welfare close to our hearts has taken it a step further by going into neighbouring underprivileged areas in the northern suburbs to help educate the community of the correct way in which to care for their pets. Fisantekraal Animal Welfare and TAH Animal Hospital has sterilised over 600 dogs and cats in 2015 alone. If you do the calculations an average dog can have 6 puppies per litter twice a year and a cat can have an average of 8 kittens per litter 3 times a year. If you take those numbers and multiply them by 600, you can just imagine the epidemic.

To show our appreciation to the Fisantekraal Animal Welfare team and community, we will be running a donation drive called Santa Paws from the 16/11/2015 until the 21/12/2015. Everyone is welcome to pop into any of the TAH Animal Hospitals or TAH Vetshops to drop off their donations. Anything is welcome from canned food, dry food, bedding, second hand goods (To be sold in their second hand shop.) treats and blankets etc.cropped-WebsiteSquatterCampSOH

All animals deserve to be spoilt this festive season.

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