Specialist anaesthesia and pain clinic

Specialist Anasthesia and Pain Clinic

At TAH we routinely go to great lengths to give you peace of mind when your pets are in need of surgery. We have very experienced surgeons to make sure the surgery has the best chance of success and we use the latest medicines and techniques to minimise anaesthetic risk.

We are taking our approach to anaesthetics and pain control to a new level by starting a specialist anaesthesia and pain clinic in 2017. This will be run every third Wednesday of the month by Dr Kenneth Joubert, who is a Specialist Veterinary Anaesthetist.

Dr Joubert will assist with the anaesthesia of patients with complex medical disease (e.g. heart and lung disease) and delicate patients (e.g. geriatric patients) as well as improving the care of all our patients under anaesthesia.

He also has a special interest in pain control and will be available in the afternoons for consultations on chronic pain management. You can now request for your pet to be looked after by a specialist anaesthetist when they require anaesthesia for any procedure in our hospital.

Please contact Megan on 021 919 1191 or via email at megan@tah.co.za to book an appointment to see Dr Joubert.

Pain in animals is often difficult to detect. Here are some warning signs which could indicate that your dog is suffering from painful joints:

  • Your dog seems generally tired, and lags behind during walks.
  • Your dog sometimes limps or appears stiff after exercise.
  • Your dog is reluctant to climb stairs.
  • Your dog has difficulty rising after rest.
  • Your dog prefers lying down to standing.
  • Your dog has previously been diagnosed with a joint condition

If you answered Yes to more than 1 of these questions your dog may have joint pain. Ask your veterinarian to assess your pet today.

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