Splish-Splash, with Pet-Hydrotherapy!

blog_splish-splashWhen a pet suffers an injury, surgery is usually the first step to recovery.  Research has indicated that muscle atrophy begins within 24 – 48 hours following injury/ surgery and that when rehabilitation is delayed, there is increased swelling due to lack of movement, loss of muscle control and joint stability, and increased stiffness of muscle and tendons.
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Dogs are playful and active by nature, and whenever they become inactive, they can become depressed. Giving dogs with injury or arthritis a chance to enjoy exercise can improve their moods drastically which in turn helps with the healing process.

Hydrotherapy allows for rehabilitation to begin immediately post-surgery/ injury by decreasing pain, inflammation and swelling, improving blood flow, promoting early mobilization, minimizes muscle atrophy and improving general attitude and spirit.
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In addition to helping with recovery, hydrotherapy can also help obese pets lose weight and canine athletes stay fit. Arthritic and obese dogs can strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments without the risk of further damage.

Hydrotherapy is low impact exercise in a reduced gravity environment, with water temperatures that stays between 30 and 32 degrees. With a floating life jacket, your canine companion will thoroughly enjoy 20 – 30 minutes of assisted swimming. Ask your vet about hydrotherapy as treatment for your dog – the advantages can be life changing.
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2 Responses to Splish-Splash, with Pet-Hydrotherapy!

  1. sheina kimmel says:

    my basset has some hip dysplashia and putting on weight-not enjoying walking in the cold-I would love to bring him for hydro therepy but would need to come on a Saturday morning-is this possible?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Sheina,

      Unfortunately our physiotherapists only offer weekdays from Monday to Thursday, But please phone 021 919 1191 and ask to speak to either Nurse Joanne or Nurse Antoinette, They are our dedicated therapists. Also have a look at our website http://www.tah.co.za/animal-rehab.php for further information on our rehabilitation programs.

      Kind regards