TAH Dentistry – Meet Dr Jose Almansa Ruiz

Dr Jose Almansa Ruiz has a real passion for dentistry and has helped TAH An12233553_10153743605912392_417768051_nimal Hospital understand that there is so much more that can be done for our dental patients. Many of our patients have already benefited greatly from his skills and we are sure he will be able to do the same for your patients too.

José graduated from the University of Madrid in 2008 and received his honours in dentistry in 2009. He then moved to South Africa where he undertook an 18 month internship with Dr. Gerhard Steenkamp and simultaneously completed an MSc program on ‘the bacteria present in the exposed pulp of the canine teeth of both dogs and cheetahs’. He spent the last 4 years working in the UK and is currently completing his European Diploma in Veterinary Dentistry. He has been doing internal referral work at TAH since the beginning of 2015.

The dental clinic can assist with the following:
– Advanced prophylactic dentals including dental X-rays and difficult tooth extractions
– Root canal therapy for fractured teeth
– Occlusion assessment and orthodontic treatment for those puppies with malocclusions.
– Oral surgery for the repair of oronasal fistulas, cleft palates, etc…
– Oncologic surgery
– Periodontal surgery
– Jaw fracture repair using invasive and non-invasive techniques
– Dentistry in exotic animals (Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Meerkats, etc…)
– TMJ assessment and surgery.
– Salivary gland surgery

If you would like to book an appointment, you are welcome to do so with Sr. Lauren at our Bellville branch on 021 91 911 91.

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