TAH Determination Award for March 2015

Diesel King has been voted our winner for the determination award in March!

Diesel joined our rehabilitation program in September 2014 with patella luxation and a cruciate rupture, which means his patella, or kneecap, slides out of normal groove and the anterior cruciate ligament was ruptured. This made walking very painful and a strenuous job as there was no support. His muscles had to work overtime and this caused a lot of tension resulting in muscle pain, also resulting in compensatory muscle tension in the rest of his body.
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Diesel had an operation on his knee to correct the patella laxation and to stabilise the knee after the cruciate rupture. His treatment plan starts with body work which consists of massages to ease the tension, Stretching and movement of the joint. He then enjoys a bit of exercise on the underwater treadmill and ends off with laser on the legs to reduce pain and inflammation and increase the healing process.
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We are proud of Diesel and all of the effort the King Family have put into ensuring diesel can enjoy all the delightful adventures a dog should have. Diesel is showing great improvement already even though the road to recovery is usually a long and slow one.
We have no doubts about this gorgeous boy and his determination.
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