TAH Sonstraal renovations!

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When a dream team is put to work on making a vision a reality, it can only make way for perfection.

In the third week of July our TAH Sonstraal branch closed its doors for a week to Sonembark on a whirlwind renovation. With a team of super TAH staff members, the revamp started with a hammer of enthusiasm and a drill of excitement.

With Dr McDonald as project leader and the one with the vision, it isn’t hard to see the love and passion he has for the Sonstraal branch. His wonderful staff, Salome Smit, Marysia van Zyl, Megan van der Merwe (all three are front of house reception), Nick Mzekwa (orderly), Philanie Zungu (handy man) and last, but not least, Grant Smit (TAH operations manager) offered their spare time and weekends to help with many of the DIY projects.

Their time and efforts have definitely paid off. The new setting is welcoming to clients and their wide open displays and comfortable waiting area leaves us at a loss for words.

Well done to the Sonstraal renovation team! Your hard work and dedication shines through in the perfection you have achieved.

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