TAH Staff in it for the Long-haul

Since the beginning TAH was founded on the dedication and commitment of the people behind the group.

Here are a few first-hand reports from some of our longest serving staff members about their TAH journey.
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An Rademan
Receptionist Parow/Bellville

“I have a 12 year old Jack Russell called Veters, because when he was a puppy, no one’s shoe laces were safe.

I arrived from Ermelo to Cape Town, with my husband and two children in 1985. Our little Maltese poodle needed medical attention and the nearest vet was Dr Jan Hovers at the Parow branch. The visit to the vet eventually led to me applying for a position as receptionist and the start of a long and fulfilling career of 26 years at TAH.
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I can honestly say that I go to work joyfully every day. I have learnt so much about animals’ health and nutrition, as well as personal skills and communication during my years at TAH. It is a privilege to be a part of such a great team.”

Patrick Ngcakaza
Orderly Bellville

“I have four dogs; Mosquito, Pretty, Danger and Eskom.

When a new orderly starts at TAH, usually their training starts at the Bellville branch – this makes us the official initiation team. When an orderly named Thabo started with us 6 years ago we had him wear one of the buster collars for a day, he was a great sport about it and the team had a good laugh.

I originally started with TAH Bellville when they were still in Edward Street, 26 years ago. I was involved in the 2002 move to our branch on 1 Kontiki Road.
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For me the most important factor is the tremendous sense of unity amongst everyone working here.”

Judy Swarts
Admin Bellville

“Our pets are called Spoetie, Rambo, Duke, Lucy, Nicholas and Nikki.

I started 19 years ago, in 1993, as a tea girl and was eventually promoted to admin assistant where I now deal with stock, deliveries and other day-to-day admin.

Working in the admin department has really opened my eyes to the behind the scenes hard work and dedication the admin staff put into their daily duties. Even though we are not in the spotlight, our job to keep the TAH name held high and proud is just as important. We are committed to being supportive of one another, to work together well, and to be the best that we can be no matter what our job description is.”
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Naomi Booysen
Receptionist Goodwood

“We have a dog called Cuddles and two cats called Silver and Salem.

In the first Goodwood hospital we had a pressure pot used to sterilise some of the instruments used in operations. One day while the pot was working its magic, the lid came loose and shot straight up in the air making a hole in the old ceiling board. Luckily there was no one in the room at the time.

At our branch, we share our happy and sad moments and we are supportive not only to our fellow colleagues, but with our clients too. That is why our clients feel comfortable chatting to us about their families and who’s new in the neighbourhood. We operate as a family.”

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