TAH Tips on keeping your pet calm during fireworks.

It is that dreaded time of the year for pet owners:) Guy Fawkes Night is upon us and we have put a few tips together to help you keep your furry friends save and calm.

Tip #1:12196253_1061727583879711_2336288226440610141_n
Remember to close windows and cat flaps. If your cat is used to going out, provide a litter tray. Small pets that normally live outside, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, should also be brought in if there are likely to be fireworks nearby. Make sure cats and dogs have ID tags or microchips in case they do get lost.
Then all you need to do is close the curtains, turn on the TV and try to relax.

Tip #2:
It is a good idea to switch on the radio, television or stereo to distract your pets from the sound of fireworks. If there is no human present to look after the animals, it is even more important to leave the radio or television on for them.

Tip #3:
If a frightened animal hides under furniture or in a cupboard, don’t try to coax it out, you will only be adding to its distress. Allow the animal to hide and speak reassuringly, allowing it to come out in its own time.

Tip #4:hugs
If your pet starts feeling anxious – stay calm and act normally. This will help your pet feel safer and lets them know there is nothing to fear. Do not respond directly to their anxiety – you will only reinforce it.


Tip #5:
Take your dog for a walk during daylight, when fireworks are less likely to be let off. This will also help release pent up energy that could wind them up during the night.

Tip #6:Bunnies-bunny-rabbits-16437997-1280-800
With rabbits and smaller animals bring their hutch or cage inside to a quiet room, garage or shed.
If you cannot move their hutch, cover it with thick blankets or a quilt so your pet isn’t able to see the flashes and provide them with extra bedding so they can hide away.

Tip #7:
Provide toys, treats and other distractions to keep pets occupied.

Tip #8:
Don’t tie your dog up outside whilst fireworks are being let off. While under stress, your dog will do anything he can to get loose, even if it means injuring himself.

11704986_650741518359835_3461160369940532184_nTip #9:
We mentioned it earlier but it deserves another mention because of its importance!
Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with an ID tag, even while in the house. If your pet has not been micro chipped, we suggest you have it done ASAP. It is very easy for a pet to slip out of their collar in times of stress. Give any of our TAH Branches a call to find out about our low microchip fee.

Tip #10:
It’s never a good idea to take your dog to a firework display. Even if they don’t whimper at the noise, it doesn’t mean they are happy.
Your pet’s sense of hearing is up to 4 times better than us humans, so imagine how loud those fireworks must sound to them.

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