The big itch!

The Big ItchSpring time can be that time of the year – the onset of the big itch! Ticks & Fleas are parasites, and they are certainly unwelcome for you and for your pet. Learn more about how to get rid of these pests before they start to settle in…

Unwelcome guests!

Fast Facts on Ticks & Fleas:

  • One adult female flea can lay as many as 50 eggs a day.
  • A tick lays 100 eggs at a time.
  • Fleas account for more than half of all dermatological conditions requiring veterinary assistance.
  • About 100 species of ticks are capable of transmitting diseases such as tick bite fever.
  • Adult fleas cannot lay eggs without a blood meal, but may live from 2 months to 1 year without feeding.
  • Adult ticks live for several years, and in the absence of a blood meal can survive several years of starvation.
  • Fleas are excellent jumpers, leaping vertically up to 7 inches and horizontally 13 inches.
  • Although ticks cannot run, hop, fly or move quickly, they are very good climbers.

Bravecto Flea and Tick protection

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