Petsitting – The Ins & Outs

iStock_000004978951LargeWhen you’re a pet owner, going away for the holidays can sometimes be more stressful than it is worth.

Not all vacation destinations are pet friendly and most of the time we have to leave our pet companions at home or with family and friends.
To save yourself all the worry before and while you’re away, we would advise that you do some research into pet sitters. There are many options to choose from to suite your needs; you could have a sleep-in sitter to be at your pets’ beck and call or you could have someone pop in twice a day to do feeding and take care of play time.
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Here are some boxes your petsitter should tick;

  1. Are they able to cater to your specific needs, in-house sitter or pop-in?
  2. Do they offer additional services like watering plants, turning on and off lights, etc?
  3. How does the cost compare with others?
  4. How old is your sitter? An older lady may not be able to handle a large breed dog.
  5. Does the sitter have other work obligations, and if so what are their hours?
  6. Do they have their own transport?
  7. Will they know how to get to a 24/7 vet should there be an emergency?
  8. Do they have competent back up should they fall ill, or be unable to commit?
  9. Do they have experience with your specific pet – for instance if it is an exotic breed?
  10. Are they able to administer medication if necessary?
  11. Do they give you regular feedback on your pets and property? (sms)

Once you are happy that your pet sitter is best suited for your needs on paper, then arrange a meeting with them so you can see how your pets react to them.
It is important that both the sitter and your pet are comfortable with one another.
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Before leaving on holiday phone  your vet to inform them that you will be away, indicate which dates, provide the sitter’s contact details and arrange for account payment options. Arrange to meet with the sitter again, the day before you leave so you can hand over keys, alarm codes, emergency numbers and confirm the daily routine that needs to be followed.
Now all you need to do is relax and enjoy your break!.

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