The start of something fluffy and ginger. First blog entry by Stoffel

I’ve been told I have a large fan base and that a few people out there would enjoy following IMG_0643my blog. I’m a pretty busy cat; it doesn’t just take 8 hours of sleep to look this good. Then there’s eating, grooming, playing and the most important – My routine patrols! Somebody has to keep everyone on their toes. So you see I really am a busy cat, but because I do love my fans 🙂 I’ll write every month to keep you all in the loop.
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January was the beginning of a great year, 2015 has come at last. I see a year ahead full of adventures, excitement and a little pizazz. Well to be honest I’ve just described every month at Tygerberg Animal Hospital.
During the festive season our hospitals were so busy there was no time to stop for a quick tummy rub; our patients were the number one priority. We got to welcome a few new puppies and kittens coming in for their first vaccination, so cute and fluffy just like me.
The month of January ended off on a positive note when Tygerberg Animal Hospital, Durbanville Animal Hospital and Fisantekraal Animal Welfare joined forces on the last Saturday of the month to do a spayathon for the underprivileged pets out there. With all the buzz that following Monday, it sounds like it was a great success.
The month ahead looks just as packed with fun and exciting activities. I can’t divulge too much, you’ll have to wait for next month’s blog but just to give you a tip…..
Look out for open days at each of our branches, I’m sure the lady on the computer will keep you up to date on that thing they call Facebook.
Till next month my fur less friends…
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Blog by Stoffel (Typed out by one of his loyal minions.)

One Response to The start of something fluffy and ginger. First blog entry by Stoffel

  1. Myriam Scholz says:

    Lovely to see Stoffel on facebook. Remember him from the few months I worked here.

    Regards too all and a big hug from me.