The Stodels Stars

It’s just another day in the life of a Stodels star – my name is Sergeant, the macaw parrot, and I’m pretty popular. I’m known to be a bit of a trickster, scaring clients with my loud squawk when they least expect it.

I live at Stodels in Bellville with a large variety of animals, I’m sure you will meet them all as our adventures take place.

I heard Scooby, the cockatoo, talking about some top secret project happening in the lifestyle section. They have boarded everything up so no one can see what all the bashing and drilling is all about.
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I must say, I’m a pretty good detective, and all the Stodels animals know who to come to if they need help finding things. I’m the eye in the sky and I’m great with puzzles.

Pesto, the rock pigeon up at the petting zoo, said he saw wooden boxes with glass windows and lights being taken in through one of the guarded doors. Billy, the goat, said he thought he saw a long scaly tail hanging out of one of those boxes Pesto was talking about, but in the blink of an eye it was gone.

7:00pm – all the Stodels staff has left for the day and the sun is starting to go down. This is my chance to sneak a peek at what’s in that room!
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Kiekie, the squirrel monkey, is a professional at getting into places most people can’t. She’s helping me get into that top secret room. While standing by the door I see a glowing light coming from inside the room, and voices – there seems to be other creatures in there. Kiekie scurries up the wall and through a tiny hole; I can hear her on the other side unlocking the door.

I open the door and the most wonderful light shows me a large room with windows all over the walls, it’s so crispy warm in here. From the centre of the room I hear a voice, “Um, excuse me, could you please close the door, it’s a little chilly tonight.”

My heart starts racing and I push the door closed with my beak. “Who’s there?” I ask into the big room. “The name’s Draco, the rock monitor. My friends and I just moved in. What’s your name?”

“I’m Sergeant, the macaw, and this is Kiekie, the squirrel monkey, we live here at Stodels with a whole bunch of other animals.”
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“We look forward to meeting you all”, said someone in one of the glass boxes.“My name is Naja and I’m a Chinese cobra. Welcome to the reptile centre.”

What a night of wonderful surprises. Stodels Bellville has added another awesome educational section to their animal world.

I can’t wait for our next fun adventure with our new friends. Don’t forget to stop by for a visit and meet our new neighbours.

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