The story of Wondercat

A young kitty was brought into the Somerset West practice with a fracture on his leg assumed to be caused by an accident. Jess was helping Dr. Mia with the kitten when Dr. Mia dropped him in arms and told me I could take him home for the weekend, as he had no where to go.

After just a couple of days he would go for a follow up, but unfortunately the leg had shown no improvement, Dr Mia decided we would leave the bandage off as there was no feeling in the leg and with his love for playing in the leftover water from the shower, a bandage would need to be replaced daily. There was no saying “no” to this little boy, he always found a way.

Dr Mia decided to try acupuncture. Jess would foster the kitty for a few more weeks. We had a positive result after just two treatments, but unfortunately no further improvement was observed, and the kitty started getting frustrated with the leg that wouldn’t cooperate during playtime. The only option was for the leg to be amputated.

Jess sat in during acupuncture and he was so tolerant of all the treatments and wouldn’t make a peep.

He had his lazy days, when he was stretched out in front of the heater watching birds fly about. Some days he would help with washing, but most days he was absolutely crazy, running around at full speed, playing with reflection in the mirror, attacking water in the shower, knocking his kibbles all over the room, and should you catch him being wild in any situation he would look at you as if you were the crazy one.

The bond formed between Jess and the kitty was very sweet, with him showing off every time she entered the room and letting her cuddle him. Daily he would dig into her blanket so he could sleep in her arms or in her face, she could not even shower in peace.

The day of his surgery, he went home with Jess and immediately continued as if he hadn’t just lost a leg. He was far happier and came out of surgery fully adapted to the three-legged life.

Thankfully, he has found a home where he will have a playmate. He is happy, thanks to Dr. Mia.

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