Valentine’s Day no no’s for your pet.

Valentines day is usually full of gifts and fun activities, bufile_2081_column_cat-on-valentines-dayt be aware that your loving gifts could become a pet emergency. We are definitly not saying go out and spoil or be spoilt 🙂 But keep an eye on your furry children around the bellow points.

Chocolate – as much as we love these tasty treats they can be very dangerous for our pets. They contain Theobromine and Caffeine that dogs cannot eliminate fast enough and may lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, seizures and in some cases death. Keep those choices out of reach for your pets.

Grapes/Raisins – the exact amount that is toxic is not yet known so best to avoid them completely.

Xylitol – this is an artificial sweetener found in many products from chewing gum to peanut butter. Always check the label of any treat you plan to give to your pet.

Bones – They can unfortunately cause many problems such as fractured teeth, obstructions as well as life threatening perforations of the gut. Rather reach for a raw hide chew for them to chew on.


Undersized toys – make sure the toys that you buy them are appropriate to the pet’s age and size. Nothing ruins a Valentine’s Day quite like an unnecessary trip to the veterinary emergency room with a toy that has been swallowed whole.

Lilies – certain varieties of these flowers have been linked to renal failure in cats so be careful with your flower selection for your sweetheart.

Undergarments – It’s an embarrassing subject to talk about, but many dog owners know this from experience — dogs love to chew on undergarments.

Open flames – Anything burning is dangerous. Never leave your pet(s) alone with lit candles or a wood-burning stove or fireplace.index

If you do have a pet medical emergency during the day of love, contact our Bellville 24/7 branch on 021 919 1191 or drive straight through to 1 Kontiki Ave, Glen Ive in Bellville Cape Town.

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