Walking with Memphis

I always get excited when I comephoto 1 across a main coon cat during my TLC walk through the hospital every morning. You can’t help but love this breed of cat!

A ginger mass of fluff greeted me with a meow but didn’t move from his resting spot. Looking at his papers, I read that his name was Memphis, an 8 month old kitten (But yet he looks like a full size cat) who had been mauled by the next door neighbour’s dog.

He suffered a number of injuries from lung contusions, dislocated sternum, abdomen hernia, fractures to the radius and ulna of the right front leg and fracture to his hip bone. With all these injuries you would expect to deal with a grumpy tiger, but Memphis’s personality was the epitome of a typical main coon, “their gentle disposition makes the breed relaxed and affectionate.” And that is exactly what he was throughout his stay with us.

To get Memphis back to his mischievous self was definitely a job for our specialised surgery vet, Dr Ian Campbell.

Due to Memphis’s lung contusions, not much could be done but cage rest and meds until his chest was given the all clear. From the night he arrived on the 25/08/2015, Memphis and his family patiently waited as x-rays were done daily to confirm if he would be able to hold his own under sedation for his operation. Finally that day came on the 10/09/2015!photo 2

After a few kisses and cuddles from the TAH staff, Memphis was taken through to the Prep room where he was sedated, attached to the oxygen, shaved and made sterile for his operations. Dr Campbell and his team were prepped and positive for what was ahead of them.

After what felt like a decade for Memphis’s family and adoring TAH fans, he was wheeled out of surgery and into recovery. His first operation was a great susses with his ulna aligning perfectly with a pin, his radius held with a plate and a femur head and neck excision (This involves removing the broken fragment and the neck of the femur bone in order that a false joint will form.)

Memphis was only half way through his surgeries, but yet the difference was astounding. He was now able to stand and sit without any assistance from TAH staff.

After four days of recovery, Memphis was wheeled in once more for Dr Campbell to work his magic. Memphis had his abdomen hernias repaired and had a radioulnar screw placed in his right leg to help with stabilization.

Memphis had photo 3a rehab session with one of our therapists two days after his last surgery and was given the thumbs up to go home and start his road to recover with the TLC of his loving family.

There are few things more rewarding than giving a defenceless creature the ability to move around at their own free will after a tragedy. Our special surgery team along with Dr Campbell have the honour of witnessing this daily.

We wish Memphis and his family well for the adventures ahead.

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