Weight watchers “Then and Now”

Maggie was diagnosed as overweight and in desperate need to lose some extra pounds
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Summer is fast approaching and many ofMaggie now
us are dieting and gyming like there will be
no tomorrow. For some of us it’s an ongoing
struggle as our will-power seems to give in
when someone offers us a mouth-watering
piece of cake, but at the end of the day we
have the choice to say yes please or no thank
you. Unfortunately it isn’t that easy for our
pets as they know no better and will eat
anything that smells good. 
“As responsible owners it is ourMaggie then
responsibility to constantly educate
ourselves on the correct diet lifestyle
and life style for our pets in order to
ensure a healthy and long life for
them.“ These words were said by the
owner of a pug named Maggie.
Maggie came to Bellville TAH because of a limp
that her owner noticed during one of their
daily walks. As per all of our consultations,air max 95
dogs are weighed before seeing the doctor
and Maggie weighed in at 12.45kg.
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A healthy weight for a 10 year old pug like Maggie’s is
between 6 and 8kg. Maggie was diagnosed
as overweight and in desperate need to lose
some extra pounds in order to take strain off
of her already sore joints.
Maggie joined the TAH weight watchers
on the 04/06/2013 where a strict diet and
lifestyle plan was put together for her (and
her owners). Her owners have been the
epitome of dedication, working hard towards
Maggie’s goal weight. The realisation came to
them that not only would Maggie be going
through a lifestyle change but so would they.nike free run 5.0 mens
It isn’t easy and every day brings new
obstacles to overcome but when Maggie
jumps on that scale for her weight watchers
weigh in, the pride and joy in seeing her
inch closer and closer to a healthier weight
overcome all of the trials and tribulations.
Today Maggie can boast a weight of 8.35kg!
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