Weight Watchers

weight-controlA little extra weight can be a big problem. Healthy pets are happy pets.
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Many parameters are taken into account when assessing whether a dog or cat is considered to be overweight. The most important parameter is the fat coverage over the ribs. The ribs should be easily felt but not visible. This does however depend on the breed as well as on the age of the animal. Your vet or vet nurse will be able to give you an accurate appraisal of your pets body condition. It is important to realise that weight gain may also be caused by other medical conditions, therefore it is important to have your pet examined thoroughly by your vet before any diet program is initiated.
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If your pet is deemed to be overweight then a calorie restricted diet, increase in exercise and cutting out treats (or using low calorie diet treats instead) are generally very effective in bringing an animal’s weight back to normal. Very important to remember is that this weight loss must be a gradual process and should be done under the supervision of a vet or vet nurse. This especially applies if your pet is deemed to be obese, as a sudden weight drop can be harmful to your pet’s health. Tygerberg Animal Hospital runs weight clinics where your pet’s body condition can be accessed. If your pet is judged to be overweight then a weight loss program will be worked out and a goal weight set. Monthly weigh-in sessions will help to monitor your pet’s progress.
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It may seem like a long road ahead, but for your pet it will be a new lease on life, and with the wonderful help from our vets and vet nurses you will be supported every step of the way.

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